Pyth Retrospective Airdrop Phase 2

Pyth Retrospective Airdrop Phase 2 - Decentralized Apps

Today marks the introduction of the second part of the Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop. Over 160 decentralized applications employing Pyth Data are eligible to obtain PYTH Tokens as part of this airdrop event beginning November 2023. It is an honor to work directly with so many committed engineers pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance and the Web3 capital markets.

Readers can soon look forward to their favorite #PoweredByPyth applications declaring their receipt of PYTH Governance Tokens and their plans on what they will do with their PYTH Tokens. This blog post will walk through the details of the second phase of the Retrospective Airdrop program.

Pyth Retrospective Airdrop

November 2023 seen the launch of the the Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop, the largest cross-chain airdrop of its type, covering over 90K eligible wallets across 27 blockchains in its initial phase. As of now, more than 51K users have grabbed approximately 163M PYTH Tokens (65% of the total airdrop).

The first phase of the airdrop campaign monitored the distribution of PYTH Tokens to DeFi participants, from EVM to Cosmos, Move to Solana, who interacted with various Pyth-powered applications. Active community members from the Pythian community also earned allocations. You may read more about the eligibility requirements in this guide .

This second phase of the airdrop program comprises the distribution of PYTH Tokens to more than 160 decentralized applications employing Pyth Data. These apps rely on Pyth’s price data to ensure their protocol operations, often for transactions, asset valuation, and on-chain settlement.

Who is Eligible?

The 160+ apps eligible for the second round of the Retrospective Airdrop program encompass a number of DeFi use cases, including DEXs, borrow/lending, structured products, stablecoin protocols, and even data analytics and decision intelligence.

The suitable dApps can be seen below. Readers may look forward to many of these software teams and founders, if not all of them, revealing their own actions and roadmaps on how they will use their PYTH Token allocations.


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