GAIMIN - Web3 Gaming Platform

GAIMIN - Web3 Gaming Platform

Hey guys, I have just Find in @GaiminIo

. It’s the fastest gaming L2 and largest GPU sharing network.

Start an Earn GMRX

You will receive discreet GMRX prizes for your PC as well as unique in-game items that you can utilize whenever you like. Play your favorite games to get GMRX.

GAIMIN "Powering The Game"

Play Games.

Earn Rewards.



Play games, earn unique rewards.

Own your in-game assets. You have the power...

Start Earn GMRX

ways to get GMRX from Gaimin ?

Play your favorite games on the Gaimin platform in the background to start earning rewards. Numerous AAA titles are supported on the platform, and new titles are added on a regular basis. Accumulate incentives like GMRX tokens and useful in-game items. Any Gaimin game that is compatible allows you to use your in-game items.

How it Works ?

Installing the Gaimin platform is easy, and it operates silently in the background to let you pay for your gaming while rewarding you with fascinating in-game items.

NOTE: Because we are currently in the "optimization phase," you can easily halt GAIMIN for a short period if the platform lags when you play your favorite games at high graphic settings. (We're going to automate this soon so that it never messes with your gaming at all.)

#Step 1 - Download

Download and install the GAIMIN platform on your PC. Create an account with your email or by logging in with Google.

#Step 2 -Setup your wallet

Simply sign up for a wallet using the Venly platform. In just minutes you will have a functional wallet integrated with your account.

#Step 3 - Play your favorite games

Start generating rewards by keeping the platform on in the background. Play games from our library, or any you currently own.

#Step 4 - Earn rewards

Your PC will silently earn you rewards and custom designed in-game assets that you can use any time.

Earn by playing your favorite games

Earn rewards such as usable in-game assets. Play triple A titled games on supported GAIMIN servers, with many more games to be added in the future.


Title of the document

Gamin Assets - A new gaming experience for anyone, anywhere.

#Buy in-game assets straight from the marketplace

With credits you can buy anything you like on our Marketplace. It will get transferred to your secure account in seconds.

#Use your in-game assets in any supported GAIMIN games

You can now use your assets in any supported GAIMIN games. That's right you can use your in-game assets across multiple Triple A games.

#You own all gaiming assets. Collect them all or sell on the market.

Each asset is worth value in credits. Easily buy, sell or rent your gaming assets on the GAIMIN built in marketplace.

What features have a GAIMIN interface?

Play "Triple A" Games.

GAIMIN’s tech allows you to play some of your favorite AAA titles (more on the way) using your fully owned in-game assets across different games.

Play games, earn rewards.

You can even use your passive rewards to purchase gift cards for other top games (adding more soon).

Use your rewards on our marketplace.

GAIMIN has its own built-in marketplace where you can use your rewards to purchase unique game assets, which you can store in your personal account and use between different supported games.

Full control over your in-game assets.

We use some really cool "distributed ledger technology" (DLT) to allow you to safely and securely store your game assets, and then do whatever you want with them, like use them across different games, sell them, give them to a friend... you have full true ownership.

Don't want gaming assets?

If you don’t want to spend all your rewards on gaming assets, you can withdraw them from within your GAIMIN dashboard.

Run the platform, earn rewards. It's that simple.

As soon as you start running GAIMIN in the background on your PC you will begin to receive some really cool bonus “gamification” rewards that you can use in your gameplay.

Support whenever you need it.

We have 24/7 support in case you have any issues. Remember, right now you will be getting early access as a GAIMIN tester, so please let us know if you find any issues at all.

Get rewarded for referring others.

You'll also have access to our NEP (Network Expansion Program) referral system, so you can share your own personal GAIMIN link with your friends, and earn extra rewards when they download and use GAIMIN.

Customizable settings.

From within the settings you can customize GAIMIN as you choose.

Strength of the GAIMIN Team

Martin Speight

Co-Founder & CEO

Andrew Faridani

Co-Founder & CMO

Calvin Adamus

Co-Founder & CPO

Robert van Schaik


Buki Ben Natan

Co-Founder & CTO

Clive Aroskin

Co-Founder & COO


๐Ÿ“ŒIt’s Initially conceived as a dePin project, Gaimin swiftly evolved into the premier GameFi infrastructure ecosystem. It encompasses an L2 solution, gaming platform, esports team, and GPU sharing network.

๐Ÿ“ŒGaimin pioneers the most advanced gaming L2, powered by the opBNB stack in collaboration with BNB Chain. Featuring native account abstraction and passkey-based wallets, it seamlessly integrates millions of gamers into the blockchain.

๐Ÿ“ŒGaimin Cloud harnesses the computational power of its platform users for AI, rendering, and blockchain computations, forming a decentralized cloud computing platform.

๐Ÿ“ŒGaimin Gladiators: As one of the top-5 global esports organizations, Gaimin Gladiators elevate the project's visibility, trust, and credibility within the esports and gaming communities.

Token Utility

➡️The project token is called GMRX. Its main function is to be a digital currency that will be used on also as a fan token, launchpad token and currency for the in-app marketplace.


✅Esports Revenue: Over $4.5 million in revenue generated by the esports team in 2023.

✅User Base: Boasting 300,000+ wallets and 56,000+ Monthly Active Users (MAU) on the GAIMIN platform.

✅Corporate Partnerships: Secured partnerships with over 20 corporate clients for Gaimin Cloud services.

✅Recognition: Gaimin is honored as the first project of the CoinMarketCap incubator.

✅Esports Dominance: Gaimin Gladiators amass over 25 billion impressions/year and consistently triumph in major esports tournaments.

✅Social Influence: Garnered a substantial following with over 200,000 followers across social media platforms.

Don’t forget to do your own research before making any decision.

#Play Games.Earn Rewards.


Play games, earn unique rewards. Own your in-game assets. You have the power...

#RANKED - $GMRX Airdrop Farming Portal

#GAIMIN will be launching $GMRX on @Bybit_Official

exchange on the 26th of March at 10am UTC ๐Ÿ”ฅ


As a user testing the GAIMIN Desktop App, the user interface is very useful to access the features. In the home, we showcased our games, achievements, daily rewards, new items, contest DGA and gift cards, and GAIMIN news updates.

In the Games Section, play our favorite game, and in the Market Basket area, buy games and accessories.

Dashboard Area displayed Daily collect GMRX Platform Balance Earning Streaming Rewards and Bonus.

Dashboard: Find and gather limited-edition DGAs.Gather the DGAs that the Gaimin Gladiators have released to honor their participation in the competition.

Vault: Crate a wallet multichain address (BNB, Polygon) through the Venly Web3 provider. If you're holding Gaimin NFT and interacting via your Solana wallet,.

Gaimin Referrals: You can see the referrals for GMRX Life NEP Rewards.

Watch Streams. I attended Live Streams, famous Gamer Streams.


Gaimin Gladiator Content Creator, streaming enthusiast, Dota 2 and football lover.


Gaimin Gladiators pro Rocket League player

View the broadcast using Twitch Claim GMRX.

If you dont have Gaimin platform account. then Download and Create your account Today

Download Gaimin Platform


This article is for informational purposes only. CCFO Daily has no strategic relationship with the project, and there is no business. So please deposit or invest at your own risk, and always remember DYOR before depositing or investing! your funds.

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