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Melos Anniversary Super Coupon Airdrop

Melos is about to celebrate its birthday. Thanks to all users for your support and love of Melos over the past. Melos has prepared a super coupon benefit airdrop for yall. This super coupon can be used to purchase music NFTs of The Sounds of the Week Stage 4- Let Me C UR Shiv music NFT collection.

The coupon will be distributed to your Melos account and the coupon information will be displayed automatically when purchasing. Melos will randomly select the lucky users who fill in the form to airdrop the free coupon.

Coupon:14.9 BUSD worth of Coupons

Distribution period: 4th July 12:00 PM UTC - 5th July 12:00 PM UTC

The sale period:5th July 12:00PM UTC 2022- 7th July 12:00PM UTC

Let Me C UR Shiv is a Co-creation work of art with famous singer Snoop Dogg by 8musick. In total of 20 NFTs will be sold.

The collection of information on this form will end on 4th July 12:00PM UTC

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