Galvan uses Web3 technology to make wellness enjoyable, gratifying, and yours

Galvan is making wellness fun, rewarding, and yours through Web3 technology.

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Describe Galvan

By building a community that uses smart contracts to authenticate and reward its members for making healthy decisions, Galvan is fusing the worlds of healthcare and blockchain technology. By redefining the cost-benefit relationship between healthcare and healthy living, Galvan, a partnership of health executives and blockchain engineers, aims to improve medical delivery on a worldwide level.

Galvan members receive daily rewards for taking part in healthy activities and for sharing the biometric data those activities generate when the Proof of Action algorithm is activated. Galvan members are paid for making healthy decisions, like as going for a walk, buying a prescription, and getting enough sleep. IZE, a native of the Galvan Ecosystem and employed as a means of exchange, is the form that these digital prizes take. The only need for top-notch healthcare is healthy living, with members' membership costs being partially or entirely covered by their IZE awards. Blockchain technology is responsible for the Galvan Ecosystem's constant security, encryption, anonymity, and rewards.

By successfully integrating numerous current health and wellness businesses into the Galvan Ecosystem, Galvan hopes to form partnerships with them and give them a cutting-edge incentive system to boost involvement in healthy lifestyles. Galvan publicly debuted a telehealth and prescription discount card service as the first stage of this proposal at the end of the previous year. Galvan hopes to build a fully holistic health platform in 2022 by integrating solutions for both physical and mental wellness.

In the world that Galvan sees, each person will have more power over their health. a society in which people only search within themselves for the means of maintaining their health and strength rather than turning to institutions. The blockchain and a goal to fundamentally alter healthcare have made this scenario ultimately conceivable.

To get involved with Galvan, sign up for its telemedicine service right away, or use Galvan Node Software to put your computer to work on the blockchain. Click here to learn more.

What distinguishes the Galvan Blockchain?

The Galvan Blockchain has been created expressly to promote healthy behaviour. Galvan members receive daily rewards for participating in healthy activities and sharing the biometric data those activities generate through the Proof-of-Action algorithm. Galvan members receive rewards for making healthy decisions, whether they involve going for a walk, refilling a prescription, or getting a good night's sleep.

The Galvan Blockchain is also unique in that it has significantly lowered the entry barrier for "mining," making it possible for anybody to participate. Members can buy Galvan Nodes and use them as desktop applications on their Mac, PC, or Linux PCs. Members are rewarded with IZE awards for their contributions to the network by essentially "putting their computers to work" and validating transactions.


Set up your computer.

Galvan Nodes are individual computers located all over the world that support the Galvan Ecosystem. When you purchase a Galvan Node licence, you will be able to download and run a node on your personal Mac or Windows computer, allowing you to receive IZE rewards and exclusive NFTs while also helping the Galvan Ecosystem grow.Examine the nodes

IZE Rewards

IZE Rewards are not yet being given out, but node owners will start receiving them starting in 2022.

You will be connected to the Galvan Blockchain once you have installed your Galvan Node or Smart Node and finished the setup process. You will start earning IZE incentives right away by taking part in the blockchain process. Your vault within the Galvan App will get your IZE digital rewards.

How can I obtain IZE and what is it?

IZE is the Galvan Blockchain's virtual prize. By owning and running a Galvan Node and/or making healthy decisions that can be tracked through biometric data, Galvan Blockchain users can earn IZE.

IZE Digital Rewards: What Are They?

IZE digital awards are the Galvan community's digital blockchain reward points and are cryptographically safe. IZE can be shared between users, and they are in complete control of its utilisation. By approving and verifying transactions inside the ecosystem of healthcare solutions, IZE is earned. Additionally, users can earn IZE by practising healthy habits that can be verified by biometric information.

IZE in no way embodies any ownership, participation, rights, title, or interest in Galvan, their respective affiliates, or any other business. IZE is not, in any way, an investment. IZE is not designed to be a security and does not grant holders any right to any guarantee of fees, dividends, revenue, profits, or investment returns. The Galvan Blockchain was the intended platform for this token's creation, and possession of IZE bears no rights, either express or implicit.

How do Galvan Nodes work?

In Galvan's case, Galvan ecosystem is powered by a blockchain, allowing you to manage all of the data and rewards.

As a result, the Galvan Ecosystem can operate more like a democracy than a monarchy.

The fact that you can purchase and own a node on the Galvan blockchain is the nicest aspect of it.

You can "put your computer to work" on the Galvan network by purchasing a Galvan Node licence.

You receive IZE digital incentives as payment for your computer's efforts, which we will have to describe in greater detail another time.

The first step in improving healthcare is to change the network's controllers.

Why Nodes: An Interview with Tom Karren

This week on Launchpad, Galvan CEO Adam Sharp talks with Tom Karren, CTO of Nerd United, the sister brand that is collaborating with Galvan to deliver a world-class suite of technology.

They talk about nodes, Web3, and Galvan's innovative 3-layer blockchain infrastructure. Tom even gives us a preview of what's to come!

Exclusive NFTs in galvanised

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Please create a Galvan Account if you haven't already.

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