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NFTs are the real deal right now. They are no longer just digital assets. Some are now the key to unlocking a slew of potential utilities. Jump. trade is one such NFT collection that has sparked interest in the community. Jump.trade, powered by Guardianlink, launched the first-ever Cricket NFT collection, which quickly sold out. Users will be able to play a P2E, AI-powered Metaverse NFT cricket game with this NFT collection. To put it simply, you purchase NFTs and use them to play cricket in the Metaverse, earning NFTs in the process. Isn't it fascinating?

Today, we discovered Meta Cricket League, an intriguing NFT project from Appstars Applications Pvt. Ltd., India and Guardian Blockchain Labs Pte. Ltd., Singapore, whose NFTs are now available for purchase on Jump.trade. It is, in essence, the world's first play-to-earn cricket NFT game.

Jump. trade is one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world, where you can buy and trade a wide range of top digital collectables, including MCL cricket game NFTs and other sports NFTs.

What is an NFT "Play to Earn" game?

Participants in play-to-earn games are rewarded with digital cash or non-fungible tokens. These can be obtained by completing levels, competing in contests, or simply playing the game. Assets earned by players can be used to unlock additional rewards or sold on a digital marketplace.

This is how players are compensated for participating in these crypto games, and it is one of the primary incentives for players to participate actively in these games. This is why 'play-to-earn' games have grown in popularity.

Cricket Mobile Games for Fun vs. What exactly is the Play to Earn NFT Game?

Casual Cricket mobile games have 12-15 million downloads on average and a daily player base of around 2 million. And these games only provide entertainment, requiring you to play regularly or simply buy in-app assets to level up, and these assets have no value or appreciation because they cannot be retraded further in or out of the game.

In Play to Earn NFT games, on the other hand, you can regularly level up your NFTs and earn anywhere from $15 to $600 per day.

If you are interested in NFTs and Play to Earn NFT games and want to start with something safe and secure, then MCL Cricket NFTs should be your first choice.

Utility and tradeability

According to Jump.trade, their NFTs combine utility and tradeability. As they progress through the ranks and climb the leaderboard, players can monetize their gameplay and unlock incentives. They can also derive real-world value from their digital assets.

Jump.trade anticipates that the authentic, signed digital Cricket NFTs will be highly valued in the open market.

Regardless of value, the NFTs gain experience, which is intended to make them more valuable with each game in which the players participate.

The MCL ecosystem is intended to be community-centric, and it will eventually be in the hands of the users to decide the game's future.

How to join the Jump. Trade

Sign up using the Bonus coupon code. New users from all over the world, including India, are eligible for a sign-up bonus. Obtain a coupon code

Global newcomer

Register for Jump Trade as a global newcomer and enter the coupon code. Make use of the coupon code.

India novice

Sign up for Jump Trade as an Indian newbie and use the coupon code. Use the coupon code.

Why do MCL Cricket NFTs exist?

NFTs are priced starting at $30.

These NFTs were dropped at $12.5 in the initial drop, so the cost has already increased by more than 100%.

This NFT project includes authenticated signature NFTs of legendary cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar, Don Bradman, Viv Richards, Rahul Dravid, and many more.

MCL Game is scheduled to go live by the end of Q2, and once it does, the floor price will easily increase by 10X.


Exploring listed Famous Cricket legends NFT’s


Drops contacted Meta Cricket League NFTs and Football Memorabilia NFTs

Meta Cricket League NFTs

Jump.trade introduces the world's first P2E cricket game as well as signed collectibles!

The Meta Cricket League (MCL) is brought to you by Jump.trade, a GuardianLink brand! You can now create your own metaverse cricket team and win rewards for your efforts. Jump.trade also offers exclusive, authenticated, and collectible cricket bat NFTs signed by some of the game's greatest legends!

Football Memorabilia NFTs

Jump.trade presents a leading collector's rare and authentic blue club memorabilia NFTs!

One of Chelsea Football Club's most ardent supporters brings you some of the club's most legendary and coveted collectibles spanning a century... ranging from the club's inception through the club's progression through the ranks, and even in the recent past, reflecting the football club's glorious legacy! A portion of the proceeds from the memorabilia NFT sale will benefit the A-Star foundation's efforts to provide better opportunities for young minds.

MCL Game


The Meta Cricket League recreates the excitement, energy, and awesomeness of cricket in the meta-realm. Play NFT cricket, win matches, climb the leaderboard, and earn incredible rewards for your time and effort!


Jump.trade - The NFT Marketplace To Trade Legendary NFTs

Jump.trade - The #1 NFT marketplace to buy the world's first P2E cricket game NFTs. Buy NFT bats, players, and signed legendary NFTs commemorating World Cup final matches!


PLAY - Immerse Yourself In An Addictive Cricket Game

Our NFTs enable you play the world's first-ever P2E cricket game, the Meta Cricket League. Enjoy this super-addictive and engaging game of cricket in the never-before meta-space!

OWN - Buy Cricket NFTs from NFT Marketplace

Jump.trade is the only platform for you to purchase exclusive and authenticated cricket NFTs from the marketplace. Some of these NFTs include bats signed by legends of the game.


MCL Cricket NFTs Specifications

MCL Games will be available on mobile and web platforms, giving all gamers easy access. Users can access the game using their GuardianLink credentials; no need to create a new account!

Users will be paired with similarly skilled players to ensure fair play. MCL cricket player NFTs are divided into four levels: Rookies, Rare NFTs, Epic NFTs, and Legendary NFTs.

All metaverse cricketers can be levelled up to 15. A Rookie begins at level 1, a Rare begins at level 5, an Epic begins at level 8, and a Legend begins at level 10.

So, overall, this project has a high potential for appreciation of at least 8X to 10X. In the coming months, both first-time buyers and whales with NFTs ranging from $25 to $30 will have a good chance of making a profit.

Get there early to reap the most benefits.

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