Apple App Store Removes Crypto And NFT Wallet MetaMask - What's going on ?

Crypto And NFT Wallet MetaMask Removed From Apple App Store – What’s Happening

According to the most recent rumors, the popular crypto and non-fungible token wallet MetaMask has been deleted from the Apple App Store. Apple has not cited any specific explanation for deleting the crypto wallet from its app store.

MetaMask has been removed from the Apple App Store.

WatcherGuru, a well-known crypto news media outlet, announced in an October 14 blog post that the non-fungible token and crypto wallet MetaMask has been deleted from the Apple App Store. The surprising revelation made headlines earlier today.

MetaMask, which debuted in 2016, is a software crypto wallet that interacts with the Ethereum network. It enables users to interact with decentralized applications by allowing them to access their Ethereum wallet via a browser extension or mobile app.

MetaMask is the most popular blockchain wallet today, with over 30 million monthly active users, making it the world's most extensively used non-custodial crypto wallet. The MetaMask browser plugin is an essential tool for crypto players, developers, and blockchain novices.

The MetaMask app is available for both desktop and mobile devices. The downloading procedure is essentially the same across all supported browsers. You can use the extension to connect with distributed applications in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave.

In a related development, the well-known crypto and NFT wallet MetaMask's mobile application has been deleted from the Apple App Store. At the time of publication, Apple has not provided any explanation for withdrawing the popular program from its app store.

What is going on?

MetaMask is not the first cryptocurrency and NFT wallet to be removed from Apple's App Store. In September of last year, Trust Wallet was mysteriously removed from the Apple App Store, only to be reinstalled a month later. However, MetaMask is still unsure if the removal was intentional or a technical accident.

Coinbase experienced difficulty publishing a wallet application on the company's app store in 2022. Apple was charging a 30% in-app purchase tax at the time, which Coinbase strongly opposed. The MetaMask Android client was suspended by the Google Play App Store in December 2019 before being reinstated a few days later.

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