Polyhedra airdrop

Participate in the Polyhedra airdrop to receive $500,000 in $ZKB (zkBridge token).

Prize Fund

1,000,000 (500,000 USD) $ZKB (zkBridge token) for opBNB users in preparation for a future token airdrop.

Dates of Interest

Participate in the airdrop action between 2023-10-24 00:00 (UTC) and 2023-10-30 23:59 (UTC).

Description of the Event

The goal of this campaign is to commemorate the successful launch of opBNB Mainnet. Participants can create limited-edition NFTs on BSC and transfer them to opBNB Mainnet to receive exclusive incentives.

How Can I Participate?

Off-chain Work

On Twitter, follow @PolyhedraZK.

Tweet the BNB Chain campaign announcement

Tasks in the chain

Using zkBridge, you can transfer an FT from or to opBNB.

Using zkBridge, you can transfer NFTs from or to opBNB.

QuestN Assignment

Participate in the QuestN task page.

How do I obtain this airdrop?

Step One: Mint

Create the NFT here.

Step 2: Construct a bridge

To transfer any NFT to/from opBNB, use zkBridge.

To transfer any token from/to opBNB, use zkBridge.

Step 3: Make a claim

Polyhedra Token incentives will be distributed following the token launch based on the whitelist compiled throughout the campaign.

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