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Republik is a social media platform where everyone not only being called famous or an influencer can get rewarded for contributing and engaging with the platform. All Republik users can monetize their earned XP rewards through $RPK tokens and this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting and other rewards to come. Meanwhile, you may enjoy using the app like you used to post on Facebook and Instagram but at the same time, you will get rewarded with every interaction made. Hey! Join RepubliK, home of the interaction economy. Where every action is rewarded!

Connect with your Favourite Creators in Conversions

Reply directly to the content of creators with your images and videos

Interact daily to level up your XP and get a reward

The more XP Points you collect, the bigger your future token airdrops will be Participate in Challenges to grow an audience

Upload your videos and have the community vote for their winners

Get Started


Click "Get Started" and register with the RepubliK App.

To view the tasks, select "XP" from the app's main menu.

The reward mechanism is called XP. You gain XP points for activities on the platform and receive RepubliK $RPK airdrops depending on the quantity of XP you earn.

You may send $RPK to many exchanges to convert it to other tokens or cash. You can also buy $RPK on these markets to support producers or obtain exclusive content.

Republik. Earn XP and convert to tokens

Republik raises $6m to help content creators earn money with Web3

Social media influencers can pull in millions of dollars from posting on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. But that’s assuming they’ve built a big enough following in the first place. For smaller creators, monetizing their presence on such platforms can be difficult.

Social media startup Republik looks to solve this through Web3. The Singapore-based company’s platform – still in beta phase – allows creators and their communities to earn tokens based on interactions and referrals as well as by supporting fellow creators.

The company recently raised US$6 million in seed funding, which it said pushes its valuation to US$75 million.

Republik’s platform allows users to create and comment on content using images and short videos. It also provides Web3 creator tools for users to make and manage their own tokens, NFTs, and DAOs.

According to the company, this lets creators take home “a significantly larger share” of their earnings. It has already gained over 500,000 users in its current beta phase, the company added.

The startup plans to use the funds to speed up the development of its platform and Web3 creator tools, as well as to grow its team and global presence. The company was founded in 2021 by Felix Huang and Daniel He.

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