Cashmere Labs Goat Points Season 1

First season of Goat Points

Introduction to Cashmere

Discover Cashmere, the secure design that protects against front-run and MEV attacks while optimizing swap profits.

For omnichain liquidity provision and swaps, Cashmere was an early innovator in loss-versus-rebalancing protection, and it is now the top cross-chain exchange market. Our user base exceeds 200 thousand individuals. Over a million cross-chain swaps have been executed on our testnet.

Goat Points, Cashmere's loyalty program, will launch on April 9th.

GOAT Points are a way for users to show and keep track of their contributions to the Cashmere ecosystem during the campaign.

Cashmere testnet here at CashmereLabs has been running well for the past six months. Throughout the testnet phase, we rewarded users that utilized the app, accomplished tasks, and held NFTs.

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Eligibility Requirements for Points

They distributed the points using a fair and transparent calculating process.

1- Total Transactions in Testnet App

Total TXs ≥ 1, get 100 points.

Total TXs > 5, earn 500 points.

Total TXs > 45, gain 1000 points.

Total TXs > 85, earn 2000 points.

2- NFT Holders Testnet NFT Holders gain 100 points.

Mainnet NFT Holders gain 150 points.

3- Blockchain Activity

They examined wallets based on parameters like as total transaction count, wallet age, and ETH balance, applying additional multipliers and blocking Sybils.

How to Check Your Eligibility

The eligibility tool enables users to verify their qualifying for Season 1 Goat Points. Its user-friendly interface facilitates the connecting of wallets and the inspection of incentives. Stake your claim to on-chain points.


All individuals supporting Cashmere in the testnet journey have appropriately earned points in a reasonable manner. These are only Season 1 points. There will be new Point seasons in the future.

If you wish to stay updated with Cashmere current developments, follow us on Cashmere official Website, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Let’s continue to build a stronger and more connected world together.

About Cashmere Labs

An intent-based omnichain AMM. Eliminating LVR through batch auctions. MVB VI @BinanceLabs


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