Unleashing the Power of the Venom Ecosystem A Promising Future for Blockchain

Unleashing the Venom Ecosystem's Potential Blockchain Has a Bright Future

Venom Foundation

The first cryptocurrency foundation to be formally registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is The Venom Foundation. The foundation is ready to bring a new wave of innovation to the renowned financial hub thanks to its ability to run blockchain technology and issue utility tokens. ADGM, which is strategically situated in the United Arab Emirates' capital, has built a name for itself as a leading international financial hub and a center for cutting-edge fintech and financial services.

The ADGM, an international financial center in Abu Dhabi, has already built a framework to control transactions involving spot crypto assets, such as those carried out by exchanges, custodians, and intermediaries that fall under its purview. To assist governments, developers, and businesses in implementing solutions like NFT marketplaces, derivatives exchanges, and fiat-backed stablecoins, the foundation provides B2B blockchain services. Once the required regulatory permits have been secured, the Foundation will collaborate with stakeholders to ensure compliance with the rules stipulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

The Venom Blockchain: What Is It?

Modern blockchain technology like the Venom blockchain provides boundless scalability and increased security because to its dynamic sharding and flexible, adaptable nodes. With better security features, this asynchronous blockchain offers decentralized solutions.

The Venom Foundation, which oversees Venom, focuses on three important innovation pillars: Developer-Friendly Platforms, Support for Incoming Projects, and Essential Infrastructure. The Foundation's mission is to assist businesses and governments with a smooth transition to Web3, enabling them to handle high transaction volumes without slowing down or paying exorbitant network fees, with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa.

Built on a Threaded Virtual Machine (TVM), TVM Venom Blockchain. In the Venom Blockchain, TVM offers a very effective and scalable method for managing account interactions. The TVM Actor model can isolate and parallelize actors, enabling the effective management of intricate distributed systems. This further divides accounts into shards according to the dynamic sharding protocol, increasing efficiency and allowing contracts to run in an asynchronous mode.

Venom Blockchain Ecosystem Services

Venom Ecosystem want to be the forefront of the best Layer 0 / Layer 1 blockchain, Venom. our communities of believers in this hidden GEM and want to bring everything there is to know about the Venom ecosystem to you.

An overview of the apps and integrations in the Venom Ecosystem

Ecosystem Explorer

1. Venom Wallet

Non-custodial wallet with a Multisig accounts option and Ledger support

2. Venom Scan

Search and explore the immutable records of the Venom blockchain

3. Venom Scan

Use your VENOM on validator nodes using Venom Pools

4. Venom Bridge

Explore the world of interchain transactions

5. Web3.World

Intuitively swap assets, provide liquidity and farm available assets

6. Oasis.Gallery

An NFT marketplace on Venom blockchain for unique digital assets trading

7. OXY.Chat

Secure Peer-to-Peer Messenger equipped with a Non-Custodial Wallet

With a $1 billion investment fund to support the project and its ecosystem, the Venom Foundation is creating Venom, the first blockchain to be approved and licensed by the government.

The unique blockchain known as Lobal Market has clear regulations, a competitive edge, and a capital of $1 billion, which suggests that it has the potential to succeed in the future. This blockchain attracts investors and projects due to its legal certainty and relationships with significant service providers.

With a cooperation with dao Maker, Venom Network is creating its own cryptocurrency and supporting projects on its blockchain. Led by an amazing team, Venom Network may eventually launch its own cryptocurrency as well as other project tokens.

The network has its own virtual machine and provides liquidity pools, a bridge to other blockchains, yield farming, a DEX for cryptocurrency exchanges, and an NFT marketplace with the capacity to represent ownership of real estate or businesses.

For users and institutions interested in decentralized finance, Venom blockchain's Cirium virtual machine provides effective and scalable account interactions. It supports a range of use cases, including decentralized applications, social networks, video games, defi trading, and even cbdc development.

Venom is a scalable blockchain technology made to accommodate practical applications. Venom is the perfect platform for decentralized apps thanks to its distinctive architecture and technologies, which enable it to offer a high level of performance and security.

The testnet for Venom's upcoming "VENOM" token has been activated. Venom has officially announced this. Users that participated in testnet activity may receive an airdrop when their token is launched.

Guide, Step-by-Step

Visit the page for the Venom testnet.

Connect the Venom wallet after downloading it.

Utilize Twitter to sign up.

On Twitter, follow Venom Foundation.

Click "Clam" now.

50 VENOM testnet tokens will be given to you.

Complete the objectives under "Explore the Venom Ecosystem" by scrolling down, and you'll receive NFTs.

Early users that participated in testnet actions may receive an airdrop when they launch their own token, which they have already confirmed to launch under the name "VENOM."

Please be advised that there is no assurance they will perform an airdrop. It's just conjecture.

Did you Completed Venom Testnet Ecosystem 18 projects?

Venom Testnet Ecosystem

Explore the Venom Ecosystem, complete project specific tasks, and unlock NFT rewards. Receive additional tokens by testing and completing tailored tasks within our dynamic testnet environment.

Complete tasks and earn more VENOM

Acquire VENOM test tokens by accomplishing tasks, and utilize them to explore innovative projects built on the Venom platform.

Venom Testnet Update ๐Ÿ”ฅ

If You Completed All Task On Venom Network (17/18), Then Submit Your Venom Address To “Completed Task” On Discord.

Discord Link:


Ongoing Impulse Finance Testnet Tasks


About Impulse

Impulse Finance is a decentralized protocol on the #VenomBlockchain. Users can create, participate in ICOs and Earn Pool Rewards.

About Venom

Venom Foundation is licensed under the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) framework is and dedicated to the development and launch of the Venom blockchain, providing scalable and secure solutions for real-world applications.Learn More

"We or this website make no claim to any of the sources, rewards, photos, or content used in the Venom. The article is only for informational purposes.."Learn more

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