Areon Chain Testnet

Areon Network (AREA) - The world's first Proof of Area algorithm

Areon Blockchain

The most comprehensive #Layer1 project crypto has ever seen. Proof of Area Algorithm! Areon Testnet is live! Join us for amazing rewards and special gifts!

Areon Chain Testnet

Welcome to the Areon Chain Testnet!

Join us as we test Areon Chain and Areon Wallet in this momentous event. Participate in the testnet by completing simple tasks!

Get Started

Complete tasks and EARN AREA POINTS !

1. Claim

Acquire 6 TAREA test tokens to use for various tasks within the testnet environment.


Burn 2 TAREA by sending it to a predetermined address, effectively removing it from the circulating supply for testing purposes.


Send 2 TAREA test coins to a specific address within the Areon Network for testing transfer functionality.

4.Mint NFT

Randomly mint one NFT from a pool of 6660 available Areon NFTs listed on the OpenSea marketplace.

5.Create NFT

Generate a unique NFT by filling out a form with its details.

6.Swap Coins

Convert TAREA into another test token or coin (e.g., TUSDT) to test the swapping functionality.

7.Zealy Tasks

Complete some social tasks on the Zealy board to help us spread the word about the testnet.

8.Check Transactions

Review your transaction history by searching for your wallet address on Areon Scan, the network's blockchain explorer.

9.Claim WAREA

Acquire 50 WAREA test tokens to use for swap within the testnet environment.

About Areon Blockchain

The most comprehensive #Layer1 project crypto has ever seen. Proof of Area Algorithm!.Learn more

"We or this website make no claim to any of the sources, rewards, photos, or content used in the Areon. The article is only for informational purposes.."Learn more

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