Kroma Quest Master

Kroma Quest Master

Mint Starts at 2024/01/23 09:00:00 UTC

Kroma Quest Master

Complete the puzzle by collecting all 9 NFT pieces from and become a Kroma Quest Master! Those who own the complete puzzle NFT will get exciting rewards.

Kroma Quest,Now!
Becoming a Kroma Quest Master

Kroma Quest is a nine-week program that introduces the Kroma ecosystem via simple tasks. As you progress through the campaign, you will be able to perform missions and gain Galxe points.

You can win NFTs at the end of the campaign if you earn a sufficient number of Galxe points. Furthermore, accomplishing all of the objectives in each phase entitles you to issue a Puzzle NFT. If you collect 9 Puzzle NFTs, you can combine them to become a Kroma Quest Master.

Phase 1. Bridge to Kroma [NFT]+ Point

Phase 2. Kroma OGs [NFT]+ Point

Phase 3. NFTs & Socials [NFT]+ Point

Phase 4. WEMIX on Kroma [NFT]+ Point

Phase 5. Tachyon [NFT]+ Point

Phase 6. DeFis [NFT]+ Point

Phase 7. Games #1 [NFT]+ Point

Phase 8. Games #2 [NFT]+ Point

Phase 9- Phase 9. KGH [NFT]


In Phase 9, we introduce Kroma Guardian House (KGH). KGH is a unique NFT collection designed to democratize participation in the Kroma Validator Network.

2024/01/22 14:30 - 2024/01/29 05:30 GMT+05:30

Minted Kroma Quest Master

About Galxe Kroma Quest

Kroma Quest is a 9-phase Galxe campaign run by Kroma Foundation. Users can learn more about Kroma’s technology and its ecosystem as progressing through the quests, and those who accomplish the missions get Galxe points.


Blockchain: KROMA


About Kroma:Optimistic Rollup utilizing zkEVM



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