OKX Launches X1

OKX Launches X1 New Ethereum L2 network

OKX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently made an exciting announcement that has caught the attention of the crypto community. They have proudly introduced their latest innovation, the X1 Ethereum L2 network. This groundbreaking development is built on Polygon's CDK (Committee for Development and Kit) and marks a significant milestone in their collaboration with 0xPolygonLabs.

The launch of OKX's X1 Ethereum L2 network is set to empower the next generation of developers by providing them with increased security, scalability, and low transaction costs. This partnership between OKX and 0xPolygonLabs aims to revolutionize the future of Web3 by offering a robust infrastructure for building decentralized applications.

By leveraging Polygon's CDK technology, OKX has created an Ethereum Layer 2 solution that addresses some of the key challenges faced by developers in the blockchain space. The X1 network will enable faster and more efficient transactions while maintaining a high level of security. Additionally, its low transaction costs make it an attractive option for users looking to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities.

The collaboration between OKX and 0xPolygonLabs signifies a shared commitment to advancing the blockchain ecosystem. By combining their expertise and resources, they are paving the way for innovative solutions that will shape the future of Web3.

How do I interact with the X1 Network?

๐Ÿ’ก Possible $OKB rewards

✅ Become an early user

How to interact with @X1_Network



Hold on!

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What is @X1_Network ?

A ZK L2 network powered by OKB token and built on Polygon CDK that offers a secure and user-friendly blockchain experience. X1 uses advanced cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs for validity and near-instant finality of off-chain transaction computations


Official announcement by OKX



How to interact?

• First, add the X1 network to your wallet


• You can use MetaMask or OKX wallet


• Request test tokens from the faucets




• Now go to the website and connect your wallet


• Transfer test tokens from the Sepolia network to X1 and vice versa

• Make several of these transactions

• Join their Discord



• Join Guild to get roles


• Wait for updates ✌

✔️ Done!

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