Aleo Airdrop

How do I get an Aleo Airdrop Reward?

Aleo— blockchain made for privacy and for building private applications, that's raised $300M

$ALEO token is confirmed due to the project's need for a native token for paying gas fees.

They have only AirDrop as a choice.

I know it may take a while to explain, but I assure you that AirDrop is the greatest choice for them.

More intriguingly, they have very few users (ambs and node runners) to reward, but to generate buzz, they must award more people!

First of all,

With the aid of smart contracts, developers can create privacy-focused decentralized applications (dApps) on the Aleo network. This article offers a thorough how-to for implementing smart contracts on the Aleo network, allowing programmers to take advantage of the privacy aspects of the system and design safe and private apps.

@AleoHQ is a Layer 1 blockchain platform that employs ZkSnark technology, enabling developers to create decentralized apps with heightened privacy features.

Raised: 300M

An Overview of Aleo

Find out how Aleo is changing online data security with their zero-knowledge platform.

Aleo creates safe, scalable applications and transactions by fusing programmable smart contracts with Zero-Knowledge (ZK) cryptography.

Different devices, including mobile phones and desktop computers, can work together to update the ledger through the Aleo Network.

Concerns over online data storage are growing, but Aleo gives decentralized apps unparalleled speed and privacy.

Personalized user experiences and privacy are both provided by zPass.

With zPass, users may safely and securely verify certain aspects of their identification rather than disclosing all of their personal information and hope for the best.

zPass allows "zero-knowledge" validation by issuing and validating credentials without disclosing essential personal information.

Get Leo Wallet here.

To utilize the Aleo Testnet, download the Leo Wallet.

Aleo Explorer

ALEO $300M Airdrop

Utilize this tactic to ensure that you receive your fair part of the $ALEO airdrop ๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ‘‡

It is likely that a significant portion of the tokens will be set aside for ambassadors.

Additional funds may be given out for things like contract execution, participation in Discord, and completing the most recent Zealy project.

first step:

➫ Go to:

➫ Download Leo wallet

Testnet tokens:

➫ Go to:

➫ Scroll down

➫ Get Testnet tokens

⛲ Aleo Faucet ⛲

Request through Mobile Phone SMS

Text ๐Ÿ“ฑ +1-867-888-5688 with "Send 50 credits to aleo1xxxxxx"

NP:aleo1xxxxxx(your Aleo Wallet address)


Aleo Discord via

—Head to Aleo Greenlist website

—Input your wallet and solve captcha

Join Discord

—In faucet channel send command to request tokens

Additionally, there's a potential that those who used the faucet to request Aleo tokens will be qualified for AirDrop.

Please be patient while the Aleo Discord faucet now runs slowly. One More Technique It's easy to receive an SMS request on your mobile smartphone.

1/ Bridge

➫ Go to:

➫ Connect Leo Wallet

➫ Bridge

2/ Participate in Zealy's quests:

➫ Go to:

➫ Complete a series of tasks and respond to the quiz questions

➫Redeem your points for the final quest and register your email for rewards down the line.

3/ Discord:

➫ Go to:

➫ Take some roles.

4/ Smart contract

Follow this guide to deploy a smart contract.

Deploying Smart Contracts on the Aleo Network A Step-by-Step Guide

Active Airdropping of projects to contract deployers will occur!

Try this thread to get $5,000+ from $300M Aleo AirDrop eligible!

Release the Aleo contract with no prior information.

Let's deploy on Aleo.

1) Head to chrome extensions

2) Search for Leo Wallet

3) Install Leo Wallet

4) Save seed phrase

1) Copy your wallet address

2) Head to faucet greenlist website

3) Greenlist your wallet

4) Join Discord

5) Request tokens in #faucet channel (50 max) or Send the SMS to your mobile

1) Head to Aleo tools

2) Copy your private key in wallet settings

3) Insert it in field at the bottom

Important note: never deploy contracts on EVM chains in this manner; it is extremely hazardous.

We only use Aleo Tools because the Aleo team recommended it.

Scroll down to Deploy program.

In program field insert the code

program change your programme name.aleo;
function hello:
    input r0 as u32.public;
    input r1 as u32.private;
    add r0 r1 into r2;
    output r2 as u32.private;

1st step- Click Insert Demo Program

2nd step change your programme name marked area as yourprogrammename.aleo

Click estimate Fee.

Then click deploy.

Wait some time and u r done.

It's simple and takes little time (just wait for Aleo tokens to arrive and transactions to complete), but it enhances your chances of obtaining an airdrop! I hope you found this article informative; please remember to check out my other useful articles and remember where they are all located.

In summary, the implementation of smart contracts on the Aleo network enables developers to take advantage of the privacy aspects of the network while creating decentralized applications. You may write, compile, and implement smart contracts on the Aleo network, allowing private and secure interactions within your applications, by following this easy-to-follow tutorial. Discover Aleo's enormous potential and welcome privacy in the realm of decentralized apps.

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