Early Self Chain L1 Blockchain Interaction

Blockchain L1 Early Self Chain Interaction

Self Chain is dedicated to empowering the growth of Web3 applications by providing the essential infrastructure required for DApps to thrive.

Self Chain

Layer 1 blockchain designed for trustless, next-generation key management. Self Chain offers a secure infrastructure for keyless wallets and ensures enhanced security and user control through advanced technologies like Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS).

Self Chain Incentivized Testnet

Testing and improving network capabilities are crucial in the dynamic environment of blockchain technology and decentralized ecosystems. Determining the future of Self Chain and bringing you closer to the world of safe and convenient keyless wallets is why we're thrilled to offer the Self Chain Incentivized Testnet.

Important deadline (yet to be determined)

Opening on September 11; launch on September 20 ends on October 11th (3 weeks later)

Time: three weeks

100 validators are available; first come, first served.

The Power of Incentivized Testnet Unlocked:

Self Chain is a pioneer in offering a safe and dependable infrastructure for keyless wallets as the crypto industry develops. The Self Chain Incentivized Testnet program is being introduced in order to guarantee that we provide a flawless experience for our users. All participants are encouraged to actively engage with the Self Chain network, test its capabilities, and improve its overall security and functionality thanks to this exceptional opportunity.Read more.

Join the Self Chain Platforms early.

Follow Self Chain in X Guild

Self Chain Supporter

To celebrate the start of your journey in the Self Chain ecosystem, we’re rewarding you with an exclusive Discord role and NFT. This will be needed to get priority access for upcoming incentivized testnets and releases

Self chain Testnet Resources

Self Chain Testnet is a part of our development process. Initially, new features are deployed to Self Chain internal devnet. Later on, they‘re moved to testnet, where we can battle-test different solutions together with our community.

Enter the Self Chain Testnet Reources


This article is for informational purposes only. CCFO Daily has no strategic relationship with the project, and there is no business. So please deposit or invest at your own risk, and always remember DYOR before depositing or investing! your funds.

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