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    How Global Digital Asset Trading Platform As Can Help You Predict the Future

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    Who are the AscendEX Exchange founders?

    Twitter-George Cao

    CEO and co-founder

    George Cao is a New York-based computer scientist with a PhD from the University of Chicago. George has worked for investment institutions such as Barclays and Delpha Capital Management. He has been involved in the investing industry for ten years, having co-founded AscendEX (known as Bitmax at that time).

    LinkedIn—Ariel Ling

    COO and co-founder

    Ariel Ling is headquartered in New York, the United States. She earned her MBA in Financial Management from New York University (NYU). She has 20 years of executive experience with management consulting businesses, investment banks, and blockchain digital asset industries following her academic education. Strategic planning, corporate development, risk management, value and financial analysis, and operational efficiency are among her job experiences.

    Let us now look at the many features that this exchange provides.

    AscendEX Fees.

    Transaction Fee

    Spot And Futures rading Fee

    Trading Commissions.

    The tiered trading fees at AscendEX are determined by a user's daily trading volume in USDT or the trailing 30-day average of ASD token holdings. For example, depending on whether you're trading in large-cap currencies or altcoins, each tier has a separate set of maker and taker fees, as seen below. For example, the VIP1 tier requires at least 100,000 USDT in trading volume over 30 days, whereas the VIP9 tier requires more than 500,000,000 USDT in volume.

    Fees for withdrawal

    When it comes to withdrawal costs, AscendEX stays competitive among many exchanges. For example, you'll pay 0.0005 BTC to withdraw Bitcoin, 0.01 ETH to withdraw Ethereum, 1 ADA to withdraw Cardano, and so on.

    Trading View

    Spot Trading

    Spot trading is straightforward and can be carried out with a variety of token pairings. Token prices are shown at the top, token pairings are shown on the left, and order book information is shown on the right. Rather than having to look for this information elsewhere, the total volume is conveniently available at the bottom of the price chart.

    Trading on Margin

    Customers of the AscendEX exchange can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on margin. They offer up to 25x leverage, and the image below shows a list of some of the cryptos that are available for margin trading. When you open an AscendEX account, your margin account is automatically created, and if you repay within eight hours, no interest is charged.

    Trading in Futures

    AscendEX's futures contracts are known as "perpetual contracts," and they are available for 15 trading pairs with collateral in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, or PAX. Because AscendEX perpetual contracts do not expire, you can maintain longs or shorts for as long as you have enough margin. For futures trading, AscendEX's trading platform offers up to 100x leverage, which is among the greatest in the market.

    Trading in imitation

    This is an innovative AscendEX feature that allows users to purchase a subscription to some of the exchange's top traders and then mimic or copy their trades. Users' accounts will follow the order instructions of the pro trader, which means trades will be executed in the same manner as theirs. Copy trading is ideal for users who lack confidence in day trading and want to capitalise on potential gains by following someone more experienced. All traders' information is available on the website, where you can see their monthly return, monthly profit/loss, future assets, and subscription price.

    API for AscendEX

    AscendEX has upgraded their backend system to support AscendEX Pro APIs, their most recent release of APIs that automatically grant users access. This update improves the speed and stability of previous versions. When placing or cancelling orders, both synchronized and unsynchronized API calls are now accessible; synchronized API calls will return the order result in a single API call, while synchronized API calls will execute the order with the least delay. More descriptive error messages, streamlined API schemas to trace the complete order life cycle from start to finish with a single identifier, and other improvements are available.

    Supported Countries and Cryptocurrencies

    Most nations are supported by AscendEX's digital asset trading platform; however, there are a few exceptions. The United States, Algeria, the Balkans, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Cรดte d'Ivoire, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Nepal, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe are not supported. They provide access to over 150 trading pairs and margin trading for over 50 tokens, ranging from the top market cap currencies to some of the lesser-known altcoins, providing a diverse range of options and pairings.

    ASD Token and Ecosystem

    ASD (formerly BTMX) is the AscendEX trading platform's native utility token, and token holders can get a variety of perks and services. Users can stake their ASD tokens for attractive APYs, obtain trading fee discounts, use them in investment products to earn daily incentives, utilise them to boost their chances of winning an auction, and purchase point cards for lower margin interest costs. Holders are also given access to ASD investment products, auctions, price projections, and exclusive token private sale releases. Users, for example, can employ particular cards to multiply their airdrop prizes and investment gains.

    Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal

    You can deposit assets on AscendEX in a variety of ways. The first method is by crypto deposit, in which you go to your online wallet, select the token you want to receive, copy the deposit address from the token on the AscendEX Deposit page, paste it on your online wallet, and then transfer the token to that AscendEX deposit address. To withdraw your tokens, go to the AscendEX Withdraw page, paste the deposit address of the external wallet you wish to transfer to, and click "Confirm" to withdraw the tokens. Users can also buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money using a credit or debit card (Visa/Mastercard) in USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, RUB, JPY, or TRY. BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, TRX, EGLD, BAT, and ALGO have supported assets for purchase. You can also use those card payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals from your bank account.

    Other features and services include:

    OTC (Over-the-Counter) Trading Solution

    AscendEX is a US-regulated trust and custodian that assists AscendEX's customers in obtaining an OTC trading solution. The supported assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether (USDT), with a transaction fee of $100,000.

    Card for Multiple Investments from ASD

    As an added incentive, customers can purchase the ASD Investment Multiple Card with their ASD token. If you have one or multiple cards, your percentage of the platform distribution pool will be multiplied by 5 if you have up to 10,000 ASD in your account. In other words, you can potentially make a 5x return on your investment with a cap of 10,000 ASD if you purchase one of these cards.


    Staking their token allows users to gain benefits. Earned incentives are automatically reinvested to provide a compounding return, improving the overall ROI. This is optional and can be enabled/disabled as desired. Furthermore, the platform provides a one-of-a-kind fast unbinding capability that enables superior liquidity management of staked tokens even when tokens are delegated to a network with a long bonding duration. A staked token can also be used as collateral for margin trading.


    BitTreasure is a financial product that enables customers to invest tokens in exchange for a high rate of return. The total rate of return is determined by the token chosen for investment and the investment time length (30, 90, or 180-day terms are available).

    How to Make Use of Ascendex Exchange

    To create an account, go to their website and click "sign up" in the upper right-hand corner, which will give them two options: email or phone number verification. Users will enter their information and then enter the security code supplied to their device to validate their phone number or email address. Users will also be required to produce proof of a government-issued ID, such as an ID card or passport. Users will also be forced to take a picture while holding a piece of paper that contains the account email address, the AscendEX website, and the current date.


    On AscendEX, users can choose from a variety of security solutions to keep their accounts safe. The first is a password, which users will need to create an account; it is critical to choose a password that is unique and contains a variety of different numbers and characters. Enabling two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator adds an extra layer of protection that can help prevent unauthorised access to users' accounts. To enable 2FA, users must go to the Security Settings page, where they will be prompted to scan the barcode or enter the encryption key. Once enabled, every time a user signs in to AscendEX, they must enter the 6-digit code, which is only available on the Google Authenticator app. AscendEX has created a comprehensive set of electronic, administrative, and procedural safeguards to ensure that all user data is kept as secure as possible. It also keeps a significant percentage of its digital assets in cold storage, with some stored in a hot wallet to ensure the liquidity of its trading environment.


    The benefit of using AscendEX is that it is essentially a "one-stop-shop" for digital assets, offering everything from basic trading to complex investment, staking, margin trading, and more. It also allows users to earn large incentives using ASD, its platform token. While their trading fees are reasonable, they are not the lowest available when compared to other exchanges. Furthermore, they do not give insurance, so your cash may be in danger. Nonetheless, most exchanges do not offer guaranteed insurance on your assets.

    Give AscendEX a shot and see what they have to offer. Our benefits and cons are as follows:



    • Pros have a wide range of services and leverage to select from
    • Many different types of digital assets can be traded
    • Several exclusive alt-coin listings
    • The Fluid mobile app has an easy-to-use interface for on-the-go convenience
    • There is a plethora of tempting staking and yield farming alternatives available to help you earn more money with your bitcoin


    • Although they provide many diverse possibilities, it can be a little daunting—there are simply too many options.
    • Stablecoin pairings are limited in diversity
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